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QList< Palapeli::PatternConfiguration * > Palapeli::JigsawPatternPlugin::createInstances (  )  const [virtual]

Returns Palapeli::PatternConfiguration instances for this plugin. To actually use your plugin, Palapeli needs access to the patterns defined by your plugin. (This will usually be only one pattern per plugin.) Therefore, this method creates Palapeli::PatternConfiguration instances for Palapeli. If you choose to have multiple patterns in one plugin, you can create one Palapeli::PatternConfiguration instance for each plugin.

The Palapeli::PatternConfiguration instances in the list will be deleted automatically, you do not have to bother with this.

Implements Palapeli::PatternPlugin.

Definition at line 343 of file pattern-jigsaw.cpp.

References Palapeli::PatternPlugin::displayName(), Palapeli::PatternPlugin::iconName(), and Palapeli::PatternPlugin::pluginName().

      QList<Palapeli::PatternConfiguration*> list;
      foreach (const QString& themeName, m_themeNames)
            list << new Palapeli::JigsawPatternConfiguration(themeName, pluginName().arg(themeName), displayName().arg(themeName), iconName());
      return list;

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