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void Palapeli::PatternConfiguration::writeArguments ( KConfigGroup *  config  )  const [inherited]

Saves parameters to a configuration. This function writes the values of all defined properties to the passed config.

config the KConfigGroup to write to
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Definition at line 128 of file pattern-configuration.cpp.

References Palapeli::PatternConfiguration::property().

      QMapIterator<QByteArray, QVariant> iterConfigValues(p->m_configurationValues);
      while (iterConfigValues.hasNext())
            QByteArray key = iterConfigValues.next().key();
            if (p->m_configurationCaptions.contains(key)) //do not write internal values (PatternName, DisplayName, IconName)
                  config->writeEntry(key.data(), property(key));
      //exception from above rule: write internal value PatternName
      config->writeEntry("PatternName", property("PatternName"));

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