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Palapeli::PatternConfiguration::PatternConfiguration ( const QString &  patternName,
const QString &  displayName,
const QString &  iconName 

Constructs a new PatternConfiguration object. This constructor creates the three properties "PatternName", "DisplayName" and "IconName" which are filled with the given values. You should not modify these properties after this initialisation.

For the parameters patternName and displayName, you should modify the plugin name and the display name in Palapeli::PatternPlugin.

In your subclass implementation, this is the recommended point to add properties.

Definition at line 72 of file pattern-configuration.cpp.

References setProperty().

      : p(new Palapeli::PatternConfigurationPrivate(patternName, displayName, iconName))
      connect(&p->m_mapper, SIGNAL(mapped(const QByteArray&, const QVariant&)), this, SLOT(setProperty(const QByteArray&, const QVariant&)));

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