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Palapeli::PatternExecutor Class Reference

#include <Palapeli/PatternExecutor>

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Detailed Description

This is a wrapper which can be used to easily slice an image with a pattern in a separate thread. The following code snippet shows you how to use this class:
Palapeli::Pattern* pattern;
// ...
Palapeli::PatternExecutor executor(pattern);
Use the signal finished() to find out when the slicing is finished.

Stefan Majewsky <majewsky@gmx.net>

Definition at line 52 of file pattern-executor.h.

Public Member Functions

 PatternExecutor (Pattern *pattern)
 Constructs a new executor for the given pattern.
void setDeleteWhenFinished (bool deleteWhenFinished)
 Enable/disable automatic deletion. If deleteWhenFinished is true (default is false), the executor and the pattern will be deleted automatically when the slicing is finished.
void setImage (const QImage &image)
 Set image. This image will be sliced when the execution starts.
 ~PatternExecutor ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void run ()

Private Slots

void slotFinished ()

Private Attributes

PatternExecutorPrivate *const p

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