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Palapeli::PatternTrader Class Reference

#include <Palapeli/PatternTrader>

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Detailed Description

The pattern trader is a thin wrapper class around the KServiceTypeTrader that is used to locate the pattern plugins.

The following code can be used to fetch a list of all available Palapeli::PatternConfiguration objects from the pattern trader.

QList<Palapeli::PatternConfiguration*> configs;
Palapeli::PatternTrader* trader = Palapeli::PatternTrader::self();

for (int i = 0; i < trader->configurationCount(); ++i)
      configs << trader->configurationAt(i);

Stefan Majewsky <majewsky@gmx.net>

Definition at line 52 of file pattern-trader.h.

Public Member Functions

PatternConfigurationconfigurationAt (int index) const
int configurationCount () const
PatternConfigurationconfigurationFromName (const QString &patternName) const
void rescanConfigurations ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PatternTraderself ()

Private Attributes

PatternTraderPrivate *const p

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